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Want Makes Kendra Lust’s Ass So Great? It’s a Combination of Squats And Her Leggings Of Choice! @kendralust @irisfitnessonline

If you are following Kendra Lust on any of her social media platforms, you have certainly seen many of her workout videos that consist of her doing squats and various other leg workouts.

For example, you might see something like this…

Whole Kendra obviously puts in the hard work at the gym, she has another secret that…well, isn’t exactly a secret anymore. Recently, Kendra posted on Instagram where she gets her leggings. And as evidenced by the pictures she posts online, those leggings are promoting her ass perfectly!

It sounds like Iris Fitness Online produces some of the best leggings on the market today. So if you want an ass like Kendra’s, be sure to check out Iris Fitness Online!

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