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Walmart Vows To Remove Violent Video Game Demos and Signs From Stores…But Not Actual Guns

Written by Robert Workman

And now from the “yeah, this makes perfect sense” department, the Walmart chain has apparently accepted president Trump’s way of thinking and begun removing advertising for violent video games from its stores, just days after he classified them to blame for shootings in El Paso and Dayton this past weekend.

The company has noted to employees to take down some advertisements and remove demos for certain violent video games within their stores, as well as hunting videos. These include “signing and displays referencing violence,” according to the note.

The notice was titled “Immediate Action: Remove Signing and Displays Referencing Violence”, and you can see the brief posted from Twitter below.

That said, not all employees seem to be paying attention to the notice, as some have said they simply ignored it because they believe that video games aren’t the problem.

And that points to an interesting situation here – Walmart isn’t doing anything about the guns they’re still selling. As you can see, there’s nothing in the notice about doing anything on those, or bumping up any sort of awareness when it comes to their sales. Or, for that matter, changing advertising when it comes to them. According to the company, there’s “been no change in (its gun) policy,” so that continues to be the status quo.

So take that for what you will, game buyers. But things are going to get very interesting over the next few months as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Doom Eternal, two games that are set to be HUGE sellers for the holiday season, are hitting store shelves.

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