The Waffle House employee who caught the chair being thrown at her in the viral video has come out and said she is being ‘blacklisted’ by the company and can never work at the company again.

Waffle House is its own realm if you go willingly go to that establishment you should know that you can accept something crazy to happen. Or at the very least expect employees to defend themselves if people decide to act like an asshole.

Waffle House and Walmart are there on separate worlds where once people enter ‘hell’s gate” people just act like absolute menaces and I have no idea what the connect between these places are.

I wonder if Waffle House employees get paid hazard pay because they have to deal with these situations pretty much on a constant basis. Also I would love to know what escalates these altercations all the time.

You could not pay me enough to ever eat at that place and I can’t image the food is good.

Also shame on Waffle House for ‘blacklisting’ this worker I feel she is a model employee and that she be made the General of corporate and train all employees on how to deal with issues like this!


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