The last time we discussed NXT commentator Wade Barrett it was about his Boy Meets World ‘hate.’ In actuality, he didn’t even know about the series at all! Somehow, someway, he grew up in the 1990’s and didn’t have a clue about the lovely Cory and Topanga relationship. How that is possible…I have no idea. Overseas or not, this man was completely out of the loop on one of the best television shows of the decade!

Well, we are back today to talk about Barrett, and I have some GOOD NEWS for you all – he is speaking facts. The man dropped some knowledge, and I thought it was worth diving into more. While speaking with WWE India (quote through sportskeeda), the former Bad News Barrett had the following to say about a great NXT talent:

“So somebody I’m really excited by at the moment is a relative newcomer to NXT and it’s LA Knight. I thought his performance in the ladder match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House was incredible. Obviously, I have a certain amount of childhood memories related to The Million Dollar Man and The Million Dollar Championship.”

Agreed wholeheartedly. 

Now LA Knight may be a newcomer in NXT, but let’s be clear here – the man is currently 38 years old! He has been all over the globe, wrestling for various promotions. Heck, he was even in the WWE system before, so this is nothing new to him. This is just him finally getting his due and shining with the WWE NXT brand on the USA Network every Tuesday night. The man knows his stuff, and fans are happy to see him get this spotlight after so long.

As for the ladder match, it was great. Probably the highlight of the entire WWE NXT Takeover: In Your House card. Him winning the infamous Million Dollar Championship was the right call. His opponent Cameron Grimes losing was the way to go for this story to continue and be told correctly. Knight will make a cocky champ and show off his million dollar good looks and million dollar smile. It just fits. Barrett sees this sitting at the desk each week.

He continued…

“So to see such a great, historic, prestigious championship back in the world of NXT is fantastic and for it to be around the waist of LA Knight, to me, is just superb. He is the ideal person to continue the legacy of The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and he might even go one further. Ted DiBiase never main evented a WrestleMania, I think LA Knight can certainly do that.”

Slight correction: Ted DiBiase main evented WrestleMania IV I believe versus Macho Man for the WWE Championship. He lost but yes, The Million Dollar Man has certainly seen his fair share of main events. Now as for LA Knight being named as a potential WrestleMania headliner, that is HUGE! That is the pinnacle of the business. For anybody to give such high praise, it has to be coming from a good place.

The only knock against LA Knight is his age, but look at Bobby Lashley right now. The man is a dominant WWE Champion, won his title defense at WrestleMania in April and is 44 years old! Plus, like LA Knight, he has been through the WWE system before, went out to wrestle elsewhere only to return down the road. Sound familiar? The stories are fairly close in reality. All in all, the example is just an example. It really just means nothing. What matters is if LA Knight can live up to his potential. 

Wade Barrett believes he can, and so do I…and that’s just a fact of life.


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