Vlad easily has to be the biggest sack of shit in the world. Plan and simple, clearly the rich are manipulating the market and us small people are losing out of thousands and thousands dollars because they want to share their Dogecoin since its up almost 300% in a week. This is clearly market manipulation and they aren’t even trying to hid it anymore.

Plan and simple it is clear they do not want to see the little man win and yet again Robinhood is bailing out the big guys. One of two things are happening; Robinhood has a liquidity issue and they can’t dish out everyones money (not likely) or they are manipulating the market and scaring people into selling at a lesser price (highly likely). This is horse shit.

People should be able to sell off their coins and cash out if they would like and run away with live changing money. But, no that scumbag VLAD is fucking people out of their money and the worst part is he isn’t even trying to hide it.

The internet is a powerful place, and Dogecoin is the peoples crypto we will not bend our knee to anyone, hold the line and your ground. That is why I somewhat respect Bernie Madoff because at least he stole all those billions from the rich and not the little people. All my homies hate VLAD.


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