Viral Video: Amazon Driver And Woman Seen Exiting From Back Of Truck

Written by Incognito

Amazon is not only delivering packages anymore, but they’ve moved in to the…taxi market? Amazon is the next Uber? A video is going viral showing a disheveled woman with a phone in her chest hopping out the back of an Amazon truck in Florida.

Details are vague and all that’s is known about the footage is that it originated on TikTok in Florida. Twitter users have their own hilarious theories as to what happened in the back of that van:

  1. The driver was giving the woman a “different kind of ride” in the back of that van.
  2. The driver simply gave the woman a ride because it was hot outside and he didn’t want her to walk.
  3. The driver let the woman look for her missing package.
  4. The woman is wearing a party dress, so it’s assumed she was making the “walk of shame.” The driver saw her and simply gave her a ride home.

I now understand why my packages are sometimes late. What do you think happened?

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