For a kicker, the NFL playoffs can be an extremely anxious time. A time where you’re not allowed to make mistakes on field goals or kickoffs.

And the one kicker that has been missing his marks in crucial times in this year’s playoffs has been Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher.

Maher’s performance has been so underwhelming that the Texas state governor Greg Abbott is letting him know it as he tweeted out the below post after the extra point was blocked by the San Francisco 49ers. The block pushed his 2023 extra point stats to 1/7 on the postseason before making a 25-yard field goal to tie the game.

And the replies to the tweet have been priceless to say the least:

How did that tweet go viral and be ironic at the same time? Governor Abbott has been in a wheelchair after a freak accident in 2013 when he was the state’s Attorney General.

Even with the result of the Dallas playoff game against San Francisco, it would be pretty embarrassing for Maher to find out that he got roasted publicly by the Governor of Texas.


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