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Viral: Eloy Jimenez Walks Away Before Getting Struck Out by Steven Matz

Written by Nate

It has not been the season that Chicago White Sox fans have hoped it would be for 2023. However, they experienced a new, viral low from one of their start players Sunday afternoon.

In a tweet by user Jacob (@CardinalsReek), White Sox outfielder Eloy Jimenez was seen at home plate literally walking away from the batter’s box taking a strike three call as a pitch was being thrown by St Louis Cardinals pitcher Steven Matz in the second inning.

A couple users have replied that Jimenez may have stepped off due to a pitch clock issue.

But some others are not buying it either, stating that Jimenez was trying to call a timeout as Matz was doing his pitching windup.

Just part of the craziness that is the 2023 season for Chicago’s south side team.

Hopefully it was just Jimenez being upset that his timeout wasn’t granted, but this doesn’t look good at all for what the future holds for the rest of the White Sox’s season.

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