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Violent Brawl At Seahawks-Giants Game Results In Broken Bones and Knocked Out Teeth

Written by Tony Ghaul

This seems to be a weekly thing. Another fight amongst fans at a NFL game. During Monday night’s Seahawks-Giants game, another ugly brawl broke out.

In the concourse area of MetLife stadium, a massive fight between Seahawks and Giants fans broke out that reportedly led to a broken bones and teeth being knocked out.

There’s absolutely no reason for this type of behavior. Going to a football game and enjoying the whole fan experience, is now being turned into violent, nonsensical brawls.

It seems that even the threat of being banned from the stadium or being arrested isn’t enough for these fans to stop fighting.

When is the national media going to wake up report this? They only like reporting on Philadelphia fans doing bad things.

This stuff is happening at every stadium between fans of every NFL team. Something has got to be done to put an end to this behavior.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

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