Vince Wilfork’s Son Arrested For Stealing Super Bowl Rings; Greatest New England Patriots Moments Ranked

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A sad story concerning a New England Patriots legend.

Back in May, Vince Wilfork’s son was arrested for stealing his father’s two Super Bowl rings, along with several other items. According to the Galveson County Daily News, the district attorney’s office released the police complaint. How this news was kept under wraps for over a month is kinda shocking. Usually, these things are immediately known by local reporters digging into police reports or your usual tabloid crew.

In any event, Wilfork apparently thought the items may have just been misplaced, as he has a home in both Texas and Florida. Once that turned out to not be true, he filed the report of missing jewelry. It wasn’t until a Patriots fan alerted him to the fact that the Super Bowl rings were obtained through an online memorabilia group. Oops! Sucks for the man that bought the items. However, they had to be turned over as stolen property. Reportedly, the items sold for $62,000 despite being worth north of $300,000 in total.

After figuring out what the heck was going on, it was traced back to Vince Wilfork’s oldest son D’Aundre Holmes. According to the same Galveson County Daily News report, he is no longer listed as being in custody as of Tuesday morning. I would like to think the family is trying to work things out through an obviously difficult time.

In other Patriots news, I was just thinking today about all the great Patriots moments Wilfork was apart of. Heck, most of them involved Tom Brady. However, he is long gone now having jumped ship to the Tampa Bay Bucs last season to win a Super Bowl. Unbelievable turn of events. Taking a trip back down memory lane, here are the best New England Patriots moments of all-time…

I have a soft spot for the two Super Bowl to the New York Giants, led by Eli Manning. That’s just me though. How about you?

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