(VIDEO)Hunter Biden Shows Off 20 Grams of Crack Cocaine

Written by austenlange

Hunter, Hunter, Hunter would you just look at that. The President’s son Hunter Biden is seen in this video arguing with a women (news assumed her to be a hooker, but who actually knows) about the size of the plastic baggie that he was about to be placing 20.8 grams of crack cocaine into.

Many people are lashing out over this and rightfully so. The Biden administration has been staunchly against drug use and have made little to no progress in any sort of reformation to the current Drug Policy in the states.

Hunter Biden has been a big knife in President Biden’s side ever since he got into politics. The kid is a lightning rod for news and just can’t seem to stay out of his own way.

Like why would you record yourself measuring out copious amounts of crack. You can only hope that the guy gets the help he needs before it gets to bad but we all know the absolute onslaught the internet would be giving to DTJ if this got leaked out about him.

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