To be frank here I assumed this caption was just over exaggeration but DRaymond just went and BODIED Jordan Poole during their fight at Warriors Camp a few days ago.

Now we all know Draymond to be hot tempered, just go and look up his bar fight after winning the NBA Championship in 2017. Green assaulted a Michigan State student while at the bars surrounding the campus.

I’m sure that has nothing to do with this outburst right? I know the old heads will pipe in saying that Draymond is being a man and that Michael Jordan did the same to Steve Kerr back in the 90s’.

However, Draymond is just a known hothead. This mother fucker can’t take a single ioda of criticism without making some jackass type of remark.

The team has stated that they will take action against Green and give him some sort of punishment but how long can we keep enabling him to be in a place of power whenever he has the metnal fortitude of a 7 year old?

Absolutely befuddling to me if I’m being honest. Hopefully Poole has himself the year I imagine he will and gets Draymond to just shut the fuck up.


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