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VIDEO: David Ortiz Appears at House Where Former Partner Lives Despite Restraining Order

Written by Dylan Steffen

Despite a restraining order that was placed on former MLB player David Ortiz on May 21st, former partner of Ortiz, Fary Almanzar declared Big Papi appeared today at the house where she lives with Ortiz’s son. Almanzar says he tried to evict them using “intimidation”.

There is video of David Ortiz appearing at the house which you can see below.

An original comment by David Ortiz’s son, on Instagram where he live-streamed this, was in Spanish. I used Google Translator so the translation might not be 100% accurate. Here is what he had to say:

"Look how my dad came to our house in Samana to bail me out with armed men and began to insult my grandmother. Forget that you are my father because a man who does everything you have done to us knowing that we are in the midst of death. of my granny Maria Colon who just passed away."

He has since deleted his Instagram account.

In case you missed it, you can check out my article I wrote about this news below.

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