(VIDEO) Big Sean BUSTED For Cheating On Jhene Aiko With MULTIPLE Women

Written by austenlange

Big Sean one of the biggest names in the rap game, is being accused of cheating on his wife Jhene Aiko with 2 other women. From not fucking with you to having no mercy it appears that star big Sean is headed for bad times.

The bad times include reports coming that Big Sean has in fact been cheating on his wife Jhene Aiko and that he has been doing the deed with 2 women at once.

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First off congrats on the sex, second off, man keep your business closer to your chest sir!!!

This TikTok video started all the drama in my eyes.

In the video she outlines how Aiko and Big Sean aren’t actually in love and that this is all a PR stunt to make themselves look better. Take that as you will, I call bullshit but who cares what I say.

Big Sean Busted Cheating On Jhene Aiko With 2 Women? (Video) 1

Reports show this being the two women Big Sean has been sleeping with but the truth is just something we may never know.

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