Video: Antonio Brown exposes himself to guests in hotel pool

Written by Tony Ghaul

Former All-Pro WR Antonio Brown was caught on video shoving his bare buttocks into the face of a stunned woman in a outdoor swimming pool at a Dubai hotel. He then lifted his manhood out of the water and whipping it in her direction, as wide-eyed vacationers watched in total shock.

Video footage obtained by The New York Post of the May 14 incident shows Brown way too close for comfort to the woman, who initially laughed off the attention but quickly swam away. Eyewitnesses said Brown had just met the woman and she was fuming after the encounter.

In the video, Brown, who is apparently nude is huddled at the edge of the pool with the woman. He then plants both hands on the pool’s deck to lift himself out of the water twice, sticking his butt in the woman’s face both times. She turns away, laughing it off, as other men in the pool begin egging on Brown, yelling “Yeah!” “Another one!” and “AB!”

Antonio Brown was caught on video exposing himself in a Dubai hotel pool.
Photo courtsey of New York Post

Eyewitnesses say that Brown continued to flaunt his private parts several times after the recording ended, rudely asking the woman: “You want it?” Brown was asked to leave the hotel shortly after the incident, according to a hotel staffer who requested anonymity. The hotel had also received earlier complaints from other guests about Brown’s antics, as per The NY Post.

The woman initially laughed off the attention, but quickly swam away.
Photo courtsey of The New York Post

Brown, who now is an aspiring rap artist, was in the United Arab Emirates to see his buddy, former boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., fight an exhibition in Abu Dhabi and perform as the boxer walked into the ring.

The seven-time Pro Bowler shocked the NFL world in January when he abandoned Tom Brady and rest of the then-defending champion Buccaneers in the middle of a game with the Jets that they eventually pulled out in the final seconds. The team suspended him days later, saying they first offered to get Brown mental health help but he refused.

Photo courtsey of The New York Post

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