Victor Oladipo Was Asking To Be Traded In The Middle Of Games Last Season

Written by Will

Victor Oladipo is crazy. It isn’t uncommon for a player to request a trade, that happens quite a bit in the NBA. But I have never heard of a player requesting trades in the middle of games, in front of his teammates.

I can understand asking for trades to the Raptors, or the Heat but the Knicks?? What the hell Oladipo, I understand the Pacers are no superpower but that organization is a hell of a lot better than the Knicks. Oladipo must have wanted out of Indiana. I can’t blame him for wanting to leave the state. No offense to Indiana, but still to request a trade to the Knicks in front of your teammates is maddening.

Oladipo is a good player and was on the rise before his injury in January of 2019. Olpadio only played 13 games for the Pacers last year due to the injury, averaging 13/4/4. The two years before that injury, he was an all-star. Oladipo has been in trade rumors all season and it looks like his time as a Pacer is over.

This is still wild to think about. That a player was legit requesting trades in the middle of games. Come on, keep that private and talk to the general manager. Shams or Woj would have found out and reported the news but still better than doing it in the middle of a damn game in front of your teammates.

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