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Cryptocurrencies have become a new trend in the 21st century. Today it is not so easy to find someone who has not heard about the decentralized financial system, Bitcoin, or mining. Our team has prepared some of the most interesting facts about cryptocurrencies for all crypto enthusiasts and those who simply love to learn something new.

1. Nobel Prize for Bitcoin

The unknown developer of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2016. In response to an offer to reveal his identity and receive an award, the mysterious programmer sent a message: “I’m not hiding. Getting the Nobel Prize for the invention of Bitcoin and blockchain is not my main goal.” As you know, the identity of the Bitcoin creator has not yet been revealed.

2. Bitcoin millionaires

The new currency gave birth to new millionaires. Of course, the first richest owner of Bitcoin was its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. But besides him, the five most successful crypto owners included: Roger Ver (52 million BTC), Charlie Schrem (45 million BTC), Dave Carlson (35 million BTC). Perhaps, there are also many anonymous BTC holders, who gained their fortune thanks to the win at the Bitcoin カジノ.

3. Liberland — a self-proclaimed state of crypto enthusiasts

The Free Republic of Liberland is a small self-proclaimed state between Serbia and Croatia. The territory of the new state is only 7 square kilometres. This free mini-country was created by the Czech politician Vit Jedlicka. Interestingly, the national reserve currency of the state since 2016 is Bitcoin. At the same time, other cryptocurrencies can also be used for payments in Liberland. 

4. Into the space with Bitcoin

Space tourism guru Sir Richard Branson, an Englishman, will accept Bitcoin payments for orbital trips. The Virgin Galactic excursion spacecraft carries 6 people on board, who can pay for the flight in Bitcoins.

5. 90 days for BTC

In 2013, newlyweds Austin Craig and Bassey Bingham hit the record for time spent on digital money. The young couple decided to spend the first 90 days of their married life on Bitcoins. It is noteworthy that they went to restaurants, paid for housing, and bought groceries for BTC. In addition, the newlyweds also celebrated their honeymoon for digital money.

6. The Largest Crypto Farm Liaoning

A record-breaking cryptocurrency farm is located in Northeast China in Liaoning province. The mining system is divided into 4 mines, which are identical in size to three-story buildings. Each mine has over 3000 ASIC processors. That is, the total number of installations is 12,000.

7. Jail for Bitcoin

At the moment, there are only four states that consider the use of cryptocurrency a crime. At the end of 2018, for using Bitcoin people can go to jail in Nepal, Bolivia, Algeria, and Bangladesh. Any use of cryptocurrency in these countries is considered a criminal offence and is strictly controlled by the state.

​​8. Stealing bitcoins

When a Bloomberg journalist, who wasn’t aware of the cryptocurrency security rules, demonstrated live the private key (QR code) of his virtual wallet, he immediately paid for it — one of the viewers immediately transferred his Bitcoins to another deposit. However, then everything stolen was returned to him.

9. Drugs for Bitcoin

The Silk Road website, operating on the TOR network, was the first commercial success for Bitcoin. Drugs, weapons, and other prohibited goods were sold there. For such a specific market, a completely anonymous currency was required just like Bitcoin, which is why it was chosen as the only means of payment on this resource. Therefore, 5% of the Bitcoins mined at that moment were used on the Silk Road site.

10. Bitcoin is not alone

Thousands of other digital currencies have appeared due to Bitcoin’s popularity. Litecoin, Ethereum, and many, many other coins are traded on various online exchanges. Thousands of people buy these coins hoping that Bitcoin’s success will strike the same place twice. However, the vast majority of coins have no chance to survive in the future, and investors are likely to lose all their money.

In Conclusion

Who needs suitcases of cash, safes filled with gold, and stacks of plastic cards? A billion dollars in bitcoins — any value, any capital in general — is now a tiny unit of information — the bytes that make up your secret key to access the bitcoin network. It is easy to move it anywhere — this is not a gold bar. You only need your private key and access to your phone or computer connected to the Internet. Your money is now always with you, and the outdated laws on border financial control and capital control are not relevant anymore.

Of course, this list of interesting facts about Bitcoin is not limited by this article. If you have something to add — share this info with us in the comments.

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