USC Has Fired Head Coach Clay Helton

Written by austenlange

In what I call the fastest overreaction of the year it appears that USC has decided to cut ties with their Head Coach.
Helton who was once the Offensive Coordinator under Coach Lane Kiffin has been at the reigns with the Trojans for a little over 6 years now since getting the job in 2015. While Helton hasn’t won huge games or made a huge splash he did do something many never thought would happen. He made USC a program again. Ever since the days of Pete Carrol USC has been searching for a head coach to turn it around and while Helton wasn’t that guy he did do what was needed.

With Helton departing it makes one start to wonder if Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss will depart soon. I could 1000% see Kiffin leaving Ole Miss high and dry so he can go get the SC job again and maybe even do it right this time.

As far as Helton’s future goes I can’t be too sure. I would love to see him coordinate with a power 5 school and turn it around for himself.

With USC looming for new coaches I hope they hire within and give Graham Harrel a shot. He put UNT on the map and is a great offensive minded coach, with his roots tied deep into the Texas soil.

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