USA Up All Night Reunion On 5/30/20

Written by Shannon Walsh

Former USA “Up All Night” host Rhonda Shear now hosts a new talk show from her home in Florida called “Rhonda Shear’s Social Distancing Social Hour”. Her guest on 5/30/20 will be legendary horror “scream queen” actress Linnea Quigley. It will air at 9pm EST on Shear’s Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/RhondaShearFanPage/

“Up All Night” was a popular program that aired on the USA Network each Friday and Saturday late nights from 1989 until 1998. Shear came on board as the Saturday night host in 1991 (comedian Gilbert Gottfried was the Friday host for the entire run). The show featured horror and B-movie double features with Shear doing comedy skits and interviewing guests before and after the commercials. Quigley appeared as a guest a few times over the years. It was counter programming against Joe Bob Briggs’ “Drive-In Theatre” on The Movie Channel and “Monster Vision” on TNT which also aired horror movie double features in the same time slots.

Quigley recently moved from Florida to California to open her own animal recuse in Victorville called the “Moulin Rouge”. The star of “Return of the Living Dead”, “Savage Streets”, and “Night of the Demons” has been an animal rights activist all of her life. She will occasionally appear in new horror movies when her schedule allows and she is a regular on the horror convention and comic con circuits around the world. She also does personal tarot card readings over the phone for $50 https://linnea-quigley.com/product/personal-tarot-card-reading/

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