USA Curling Wins Gold, Twice!

Written by Jari Sague

There was a little bit of confusion during the medal ceremony for Men’s Olympic Curling on Saturday at the Pyeongchang Games.

After the huge upset by the Americans, stealing the gold for the first time ever in men’s curling, the team stepped up to the podium to receive their medals. However, after the ceremony, the winning team members looked down to notice something was off in the upper right section of the medallions. Two words: “Women’s Curling.”

No sweat, though. The mixup was quickly fixed and the men got the appropriate medals they deserved.

Making light of the gaffe with a positive attitude, athlete John Schuster simply said, “A gold medal in curling is a gold medal in curling.”

Schuster, along with teammates Tyler George, Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner and Polo, clinched the top prize in a 10-7 win over Sweden, scoring the underdog Americans their first-ever gold medal in men’s curling.

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Sweden, the reigning world champion, finished second for silver, and Canada placed third, scoring bronze.

The curling team has not only gone viral for this, but quite a few other things as well, including the mustache militia trend that got a bunch of guys sharing mustache selfies and the unforgettable memes of Matt Hamilton and his doppelgänger, Super Mario.

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Mustaches, beer guts, and gold medals. Sounds pretty American to me.

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