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Urban Meyer To The Dolphins? #PhinsUp

Written by austenlange

Today the Dolphins decided to let go of Brian Flores and I am baffled.

Absolutely no shot they take a flyer on that asshole fingering fucker Urban but with their decision making, I wouldn’t put it past them.

This was totally unwarranted. Flores has proven to be a coach who can get your guys into a good place to win.

I just really don’t see how the fuck this makes any sense. FLORES IS A GOOD FUCKING COACH. The fact that this dysfunctional ass organization can’t see that stinks. Rumors, are that they are aiming to interview Cowboys coordinators, Dan Quinn, and Kellen Moore. If Dan Quinn ends up leaving the Boys I want Brian Flores to be THE ONE AND ONLY DC OPTION FOR DA BOYS.

Apparently Flores and the GM had been butting heads all season and I wonder if it has a big part to do with the whole Tua situation. Was the organization all the way in and Flores was wanting Deshaun Watson? Or was it the latter? Honestly we’ll never know but this is inexcusable.

I just don’t get this decision. Especially with some of the other shit bag coaches who haven’t been let go yet.

Make it make sense. I feel for the Dolphins faithful because they don’t deserve this. Also, how does the organization expect Tua to improve while having a revolving door of coached? Fucking stupid. Feel bad for Flores, hopefully he gets his comeuppance.

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