One Upper Peninsula town is taking steps to reduce the quantity of the unwanted odors from marijuana after many residents issued complaints.

City council members from Bessemer voted 4-1 on purchasing a $3,400 Nasal Ranger device to combat and measure the strength of the odor of marijuana, as reported by the Associated Press (AP) and Brandon Champion of

Even with the town’s population up to 1,905 residents, city council member Linda Nelson said to Ironwood Daily Globe via, that the smell from all over the town was unbearable.

Linda Nelson (Photo Courtesy:

“The city of Bessemer stinks,” Nelson said. “You can smell marijuana everywhere. We’ve got people who can’t sit in their backyard because the smell from their neighbor is so bad.”

City manager Charly Toper told AP that the smell is even worse during the spring/summer months.

Medical marijuana has been around since 2008. However, the people from the state of Michigan voted for recreational marijuana to be legalized in 2018.

Along with smoking, the Michigan law has also brought in people from both Minnesota and Wisconsin to buy houses to grow them in.

Nelson understands the law and respects the residents’ right to grow pot, but she said she also wants them to be attentive to other people’s surroundings.

“We’re treading very softly in this area,” she said. “People have a right to grow marijuana in their house, but everyone needs to be considerate of their neighbors, so the odor isn’t affecting their enjoyment of the outdoors.”


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