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Upper Peninsula Store Found Needles in Their Can/Bottle Returnables (Houghton)

Written by Nate

Here’s something bizarre that happened in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it apparent that a grocery store had found needles in one of their recent batches of can/bottle returnables.

In the photo below, a flyer by Jim’s Foodmart in Houghton lists that the store found over 10 needles inside the cans and bottles that were being returned at their service counter there. Upon learning about the situation, the Foodmart will not be accepting returnables over at the counter until further notice.

“All returnables must go through the machines. Our staff will NOT be handling the products until we have designed a solution that keeps the safety of our employees first,” the store on their flyer.

Serious question: Who in the world would leave needles inside soda pop cans anyways?!

Pretty stupid move by the person who did that for the employees. Hopefully Jim’s finds the person responsible for that idiocy.

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