For the second time this month, the Upper Peninsula has been forgotten by a major company. 

This time, it is by Google. 

On one of their images online (and seen on top of the article), Google shows a map of the Great Lakes and of the state of Michigan. But the U.P. has been left out. 

According to Brian Cabell from Word on the Street, the omission was part of a report about the expansions of two offices downstate. Yet the Upper Peninsula was not mentioned in it. 

Keith Glendon, an IBM strategist who helped establish the Cybersecurity Institute at Northern Michigan University, is exclaiming to Google to perhaps fix their omitted mistake. 

“Join us in our exciting tech economy revolution,” Glendon said in his Facebook post. “Land some of your best and brightest here to join us. Let us help you succeed in Michigan and the world by helping you build an awesome innovation outpost here in Marquette!”

Keith Glendon — Photo Credit: Marquette Economic Club

This is not the first time that the Upper Peninsula has been snubbed by a national company. And a lot of residents were not happy about it either. 

Mountain Dew missed the Upper Peninsula region as part of the state of Michigan during their “50 States, 50 Labels” campaign. They did tweet an apology and promised to issue a new bottle specifically for the Upper Peninsula. 


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