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Update: Owner Of The GoPro That Was Found At Bottom Of Punta Cana Found After Tons Of Yoopers And Cheeseheads Share Post |Give Yourself a Round of Applause

Written by TrevStone

Yesterday you might remember that I posted about a GoPro that was found at the bottom of the ocean in Punta Cana. That GoPro had an image of a couple of men (pictured above) with a photo of the U.P in the background so well, seeing I’m from the U.P I typed up a blog and it might have helped, it might not have. Over 5,000 people read the blog with over 200 shares on Facebook, so give yourself a round of applause because the owner has been found and it couldn’t have been done with every single person who shared this post, Brett’s post and any other media outlets post about this.

First off… I’ve got to say what a move by Brett, the person who found the GoPro. Most people probably would have kept the GoPro, or not given a damn at all about it… This was his update today.

The owner’s son-in-law saw it and knew it was his. While the owner is not on Facebook, his cousin is and he just reached out to me through Messenger. Waiting to connect with the owner as we speak.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for helping with this. In just 48 hours it was shared over 2,100 times across the world. Great to see social media being used for something positive!

Take a tip today folks from Molly as she commented this on the post:

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