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UPDATE: Larz ‘Pretended’ to Have Tested Positive With the Coronavirus

Written by Nate

Well, this is a sick way to trick everyone.

According to an article by, it is believed that social media influencer Larz DOES NOT have the Coronavirus (COVID-19) after all.

Just a few days after I posted this blog above about Larz testing positive for the virus, fellow influencer Ava Louise told the website that she told Larz to go ahead and copy her challenge.

However, Larz took the challenge a step further. He would go to ‘pretend’ to test positive for COVID-19 and posted an old photo of himself at the hospital.


Good lord.

Call me a boomer or uncultured, but I heard people say that a few would do anything for clout these days, but this is outright pathetic.

I’d let Larz hear it by having everyone call him out on Twitter, but his account is suspended also. Probably a good thing for both sides.

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