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UPDATE: Is Charlotte Flair “All Elite?”

Rumors have been swirling lately that Charlotte Flair has been unhappy with WWE lately. The most recent reports of an issue with Flair occurred on Friday night Smackdown whereby Flair went rogue and tossed the RAW Women’s Title on the ground after playing “keep away” with it from Becky Lynch. According to backstage reports, Becky called her out on the matter and things have been awkward ever since.

Ever since Flair’s fiance’ Andrade left WWE, you could sense she has not been as happy performing with the company. Charlotte has a history of bad decision making when it comes choosing significant others that somehow play a detriment to her career. I won’t provide all of that information here, you can Google that. She seemingly gets it from her father who was known to have tumultuous relationships. Unfortunately, her current relationship with Andrade is wrecking her career, and she is too blind to see it.

The question is, will WWE do what they can to appease Charlotte? Or will they eventually have enough of her and let her out of her contract? They have had no problem letting main event talent go this year, so would it be that surprising if they let Charlotte go full well knowing she could end up in AEW with Andrade?

Only time will tell. But I think when it comes down to it, Charlotte knows where her bread is buttered and that is with WWE whereby she can continue to receive a fat paycheck every couple of weeks.

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