Update: Cam Newton Destination Confirmed? Contract Details Discussed!

Last month, the New England Patriots decided to release their starting quarterback from the 2020 season, Cam Newton. Many expected Newton to be the starter for the 2021 season, but he was simply outshined by now current starting quarterback, Mac Jones. You can see what Newton’s most recent contract details with New England were below:

Speculation has ran wild as to where Newton will end up next. It’s actually surprising that he has not been signed anywhere just yet. One thing is for certain, Newton will not be signing with the Dallas Cowboys. See what teams owner Jerry Jones had to say on Newton below:

“You know, most people in the NFL that are even in the personnel area I think have evaluated Cam Newton and his pluses and his minus,” he said.

”You know, Norv Turner did a great job . . . when he was coordinator there with Cam Newton. So, I think he’s no secret as to what he does and does well. And of course he was basically able to be evaluated if you want to look at it playing games and results and all of that as an evaluation. And so what you’re seeing with him, he’s available, as best I can tell he’s available…

“If you can get it to make the right kind of deal, he’s available. But the point is that in this particular case — now, it’s another thing with Will Grier or it’s another thing with some of the guys that don’t have the play time or haven’t has been as readily, haven’t had as much experience. But Cam Newton is not playing because everybody has evaluated it and they’re making a decision. . . . We [found it] very, very easy to evaluate Cam.”


Yesterday during the Washington Football Team and Los Angeles Chargers game, WFT starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick went down with a hip injury. It was announced earlier today that Fitzpatrick would be out for the foreseeable future, thus giving the reigns to backup quarterback, Taylor Heinicke. Speculation ran rampant that WFT Head Coach and former head coach of Newton at Carolina, Ron Rivera might bring Cam in as a replacement for Fitzgerald. See what Rivera had to say on the possibility below:

“No. As of now, no,” Rivera said. “We’ve got a short week, and we’ll go through the week, and we’ll go from there.”


So one thing is confirmed. As of right now, there is absolutely no interest in Cam Newton by any NFL team. Therefore, Cam’s destination is confirmed.

Cam Newton’s confirmed destination is the golf course. Or, Top Golf, as shown above. Many NFL Insiders feel that because Newton refuses to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, it is hindering his chances of getting signed even as a backup. Being unvaccinated, Newton has a five day wait period before he can actually play, so even if a team suffers an injury, Newton cannot become an immediate need.

I don’t think we have seen the last of Cam Newton, but I certainly don’t think we will see him starting anywhere again unless it’s due to a season ending injury.

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