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Unruly Brawl Between New York Yankees and Cleveland Guardians fans

Written by Tony Ghaul

Yankees-Guardians fans fight in stands, one fan sent flying and another takes Superman Punch.

Saturday night was a rough night to be a Yankees fan. It was also a rough night to be a Guardians fan fighting alongside a Yankees fan. On the field the team blew a two-run 9th inning lead without bringing their closer in for reasons only Manager .Aaron Boone knows.

A full hands-on fight occurred between the Guardians and Yankees fans. Meanwhile, as it seemed like it would be stopping, another fan came in to escalate it even further.

During the game, for some reason, a Guardians fan and a couple of Yankees fans got into a fight. While throwing a punch in the air, one of the Yankee fans took a stumble down three rows of seats. As the man tried to get up, once again, he fell almost three rows of seats.

Guardians-Yankees fans fight during Game 3 of the ALDS. Photo courtsey of Screenshot Twitter

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