Every parent wants the best for their child, right? But what is best for them is not always clear. When it comes to physical activities, you can always count on Kids Martial Arts Vaughan. This is because martial arts is great for everyone. We’ve seen a rise in the trend of parents enrolling their kids in BJJ and other martial arts classes. 

If you have never done martial arts, you would be super confused as to what age should you enroll your kids in martial arts so that they can start their training. Or you might also be unsure about which type of martial arts is the best fit for your kid. Well, the confusion is understandable. Since you are on this page, you have nothing to worry about. Below is a guide that will answer away all your concerns. 

When Should Kids Start?

Keep in mind that every kid is different. So, you can say that there is no hard and fast rule that all of the kids will be ready to start training at the same age. However, most parents tend to enroll their kids in martial arts clubs when they are just 5 years old. 

Signing up kids before the age of 5 is not dangerous but most clubs care to ensure that all of the potential harm is taken into consideration. So, you can expect to enroll your kids in a martial arts club at the age of 5 or even after. Remember that kids and teens tend to learn self-defense techniques more quickly and are able to grasp new things as well. 

What Is The Belt System? 

Almost all of the martial arts types have a belt system. Every student starts with a white belt and ends with a black belt. There is also a red belt, but it takes 40 years of consistent training and hard work in order to achieve that. So, earning a black belt is good enough for a lot of kids. 

The journey from white to black belt usually takes 10 to 15 years. So, you can have peace of mind, Jiu Jitsu is similar to a marathon rather than a sprint. You will gradually learn all the techniques with time. The belt system helps the kids to stay motivated and hungry for progress. 

If you have enrolled your child in BJJ classes at the age of 5, you can expect them to become a master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by the time they turn 16 or 18. 

What Is BJJ? 

Unlike other martial arts types, BJJ is a grappling martial art that takes place on the ground. The main objective of BJJ is to establish a dominating position in front of your opponent and make him/her submit. Also, you will learn how to escape from dangerous positions. 

Keep in mind that BJJ is not only a grappling art, but it is indeed unique. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is all about using time, leveraging strength and power, and staying focused on ground-based combat. 

Sometimes, BJJ is referred to as “Human Chess” because you will be strategically using your mind for the next move and its possible outcomes. Trust us, it is a never-ending physical and mental chess game. 

BJJ is considered to be one of the most popular and fast-growing types of martial arts around the world. So, it is highly recommended that you enroll your kids in BJJ. 

Bottom Line

Trust us, no matter what type of martial arts you choose for your kids, you will for sure see a positive change in their mental and physical health. Find the right school for Kids martial arts in Vaughan for your children and let the instructors unlock their true potential. 


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