In response to the aftermath of the riots/protests from the prelude of the murder of George Floyd, one NCAA Division 1 school decided to make a drastic change to their array of chants.

The University of Florida is expected to cut ties with the ‘Gator Bait’ chant due to a alleged connection to a cartoon or story deemed to be racist, via a letter by university president Kent Fuchs.

In the report above by NBC 6 South Florida, the reasoning behind the banishment of the cheer was due to ‘horrific imagery’ as it involved African American people. The image depicted was children, supposedly being used as alligator bait.

I would suspect that there will possibly be more chants or cheers going away in result from our change in society.

Even with the logo from pancake mix and syrup brand Aunt Jemima’s getting kicked to the curb, I would say those similar features are not even safe at this point.