United States Men’s National Team Let’s Down the Fans With a 1-1 Draw vs Jamaica

Going into it, I thought this to be a trap game for the United States. They are coming off a huge win against Mexico at home in front of a sellout crowd just to travel out of the country to play in front of 5,000 people. And to be quite honest, it looked like 100 were there.

Also, this game was on Paramount+. You got to be kidding me. How is a World Cup Qualifying on a paid streaming service. Great job advertising soccer in the United States people!

Anyway, the game started with this goal from Weah.

Lovely footwork ey, I was on my high horse thinking wow, we are going to have a great Qualifying window here. I started to relax. All of a sudden…

I mean what a blast. Nothing you can do there honestly it was just a stunner. Hats off to Antonio on this one.

On a side note, Weah had a phenomenal window for the United States and the future is finally looking bright for him. A future attack with him, Reyna, Pulisic can be really scary.

Anyway, Jamaica kind of outplayed the United States the rest of the half and I really thought we had an upset looming.

Turns out I was right! The momentum stayed with Jamaica the entire second half.

Like what a break here for the United States. And if you want to see another one…

Stuff like this summarizes the second half. Even a Pulisic substitution couldn’t save them this time.

The United States has to get more consistent and stop whining whenever they have to play teams on the road. Get your act together and get three points.

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