Understanding the reason behind the body types of elite athletes across different top sports

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We all know elite athletes’ bodies to be toned and muscular as a result of the significant amount of exercise they do on a daily basis, pushing their bodies to the breaking point. As a result of our research, we discovered that all sports require a specific body type. They require these physical characteristics for a reason, whether they are short and petite or tall and bulky. They must have these specific body types in order to excel in their chosen sport.

Our research

We decided to base our research on comparing the different body types across various types of top sports and understanding why these body types are beneficial to specific sports. We are going to compare the heaviest elite male athlete to the lightest and the heaviest elite female athlete to the lightest. We’ve chosen elite athletes that have accomplished huge successes within their chosen sport. These elite professionals will be familiar to fans of sports betting in the USA and all sporting fans around the globe. 

The Heaviest elite male athlete 

Tyson Fury, who many of you will be familiar with, is the current heaviest elite athlete. Tyson is a British professional boxer and two-time world heavyweight champion. He has held numerous titles, including the WBC and The Ring magazine titles. Tyson weighs 265 pounds and stands 6 feet 9 inches tall with an 85-inch reach. Apart from his incredible talent, Tyson’s physical characteristics are unquestionably advantageous in this sport. Although there is no single body type that guarantees a boxer’s success, tall boxers with long arms have proven to be more successful in the past. Being a boxer with height and tall arms allows you to establish your left jab and have increased reach while staying out of your opponent’s reach.

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Compared to the lightest elite male athlete 

 It’s true, there have been cases in sport where athletes do not have the ideal body type for the sport yet perform exceptionally well. Not in this case though, it is an actual requirement for Jockeys to be a certain weight in order to compete. The lightest elite athlete goes by the name of, James McDonald who is a New Zealand thoroughbred racing jockey. He weighs a total of 115 lbs. Jockeys must be light in order to ride at the weights assigned to their mounts. Horse carrying weight limits are set by racing authorities and vary by race. When a horse is carrying less weight, it has a higher chance of winning because it can run faster and maintain endurance for a longer period of time. This demonstrates that there are no exceptions in the world of horse racing. Some jockeys go to the extreme to maintain a certain weight which include, skipping meals, forceful vomiting, laxatives, saunas, diuretics and many more. 

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Heaviest elite female athlete 

Based on our research, we have discovered that Breanna Stewart is the heaviest female elite athlete. Breanna is an American professional basketball player and is most certainly a sight to behold, she weighs 170 lbs and stands 1.93 meters tall. Breanna has proven to be highly successful within her chosen profession, she plays for the Seattle Storm of the Women’s National Basketball Association. She has led her team to two championships and received the WNBA Finals MVP award both times. Breanna was also named one of the top 25 players of the WNBA’s first 25 years. 

Now, to look at why this specific body type is required in the world of professional basketball, The regulation height for a professional basketball goal is a total of 10 feet tall hence the reason basketball players need to be so tall. It has been said that the closer the player is to the basketball goal in height, the more accurate the shot will be, and the height allows the players to apply less force to propel the basketball into the basket. 

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The lightest elite female athlete

Anna Shcherbakova is one of the lightest elite female athletes. Anna is a professional figure skater who won gold in the women’s figure skating competition in Beijing 2022, earning her the title of World Champion. Anna stands 5 feet 1 inches tall and weighs 99 pounds. Anna is 5 ft 1 and weighs 99 lbs. Figure skating is known to be an image-driven sport, these athletes strive for the ideal body type in order to perform complicated jumps and spins, but also require a petit figure for aesthetic appearance. These athletes are under pressure not only to perform well, but also to look a certain way.

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