Uh Oh It Looks Like UNC Might Be A Little Overrated For A #10 Ranked Team

Maybe it’s just because I’m a Duke fan, but you just absolutely love to see this, #10 UNC losing to unranked Virginia Tech. Lane Stadium was absolutely fucking jumping tonight I really wish I ended up going because holy fuck College Football is back. There’s some take aways from this game, Sam Howell does not at all look like a heisman candidate, UNC is overrated and VT is underrated. I mean their defense looked great and they didn’t look bad on offense.

Everyone came into the year talking big about Sam Howell but holy shit if this year is a foreshadow of how this season is going to go then UNC is fucked. Only 1 TD with 3 INT is fucking tough I mean how could we call that a heisman worthy player. He lost a bit a value after that loss he better bounce back for them or he and UNC are fucked.

Tech looked really good on defense. 6 sacks on Howell while getting 3 interceptions. They absolutely ate up the Carolina offense like holy fuck boys how do you play like that when you get ranked #10. Give VT #10 before UNC, I haven’t looked into Carolina much because I don’t give a fuck about them but I’m guessing they got #10 because of Howell. I mean seeing them get upset is fun so I can rock with it. I can see UNC dropping out of the top 25 easily and if they don’t drop to at least 21st I’ll be stunned. They fucking suck fuck UNC. Now let’s all laugh at Sam Howell.

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