UFC’s Nate Diaz Hints At Comeback Fight Vs Vicente Luque

Written by Incognito

UFC superstar, Nate Diaz, is coming off a loss at UFC 263 in June vs Leon Edwards, but that hasn’t stopped the superstar from hunting for his next fight. Rumors were swirling that a possible bout against lightweight Dustin Poirier was in the works, but Diaz tweeted out the following video of Vicente Luque calling him out in a post-fight interview.

“I want to take this time out to call out Nate Diaz.. I think right now I got a big win. I got a great streak coming on. And man, my style, you know, it matches perfect. I’m gonna go forward. I’m gonna punch everybody in the face and try to get that knockout every single minute. And I think Nate is a perfect fight,” Luque said in the post-fight interview Diaz tweeted.

This could be Diaz’s subtle way of confirming his next fight. Vicente Luque is coming off a submission win over welterweight Michael Chiesa. Most people are anticipating the Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor trilogy fight, but as McGregor is rehabbing his broken leg, Diaz is trying to stay busy. Luque is on a four-fight winning streak, but fighting a Diaz brother is no easy feet. Diaz is known for walking his opponents down and never giving up. The fans love Diaz’s fight style and if the Luque fight rumors are true, this could be Luque’s biggest payday thus far.

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