UFC’s Jorge Masvidal Wants To Fight Jake Paul And Nick Diaz

UFC welterweight Jorge ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal, is one of the few active UFC superstars left. Masvidal last fought for the title in April 2021. Gamebred is one of the few UFC fighters that understands the importance of creating buzz around a fight and marketing a fight to the masses not just to the built-in MMA audience. He gives the sport credibility and is also a fan favorite.

Masvidal has sparred over social media with YouTube troll, Jake Paul, and has expressed interest in fighting Jake or his brother, Logan.

“I’m gonna beat up all the Pauls..If they put money in my pocket, that Logan Paul dude, Jake Paul, whoever Paul dudes — if they put money in my pocket, of course I’d like to break some Disney characters’ faces. I’ve been fighting men who have been training since 7, 8 years old to do the same thing to me what I want to do to them. Fighting guys like the Pauls is a bonus, man.”

Said to ESPN

Not only is Masvidal targeting the Paul brothers, but he’s open to fighting UFC legend, Nick Diaz upon his return to the octagon. Masvidal told ESPN MMA’s, Marc Raimondi, the following:

There’s no predicting who Masvidal will fight next, but he understands his worth and will not be fighting a regular UFC journeyman. Anything including Masvidal does numbers and creates buzz – asses in seats and eyeballs to the television.

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