UFC’s Jeff Molina Came Out as Bisexual After Intimate Video of Him Was Leaked Online

It’s not the way he intended to happen, but after a leaked video of him performing a sexual act to another man was shared on social media, UFC rising star Jeff Molina was left with no choice and came out clean, admitting that he is bisexual. He became the first active UFC male fighter in the LGBTQ+ community.

Molina is currently suspended for his alleged role in a betting scheme. The 25-year-old holds an 11-2 record in his career, with a 3-0 slate in UFC fights. The controversy about the leaked video, which was distributed in social media against his knowledge, took a beating to Molina’s professional and personal life as he wants to be remembered for his skills in the octagon rather than the ‘gay UFC fighter.'”

He posted an emotional letter to fans on Twitter while ridiculing the person who posted the video leak on social media.

His most recent fight was a split-decision win over Zhalgas Zhumagulove in June 2022. During the fight, Molina made headlines because he wore a pair of shorts with UFC’s lettering colored with a rainbow. Even before the video leak, Molina was an avid supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

What happens with Molina’s career is now in the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s hands, with the investigation ongoing about his involvement in the match betting together with his coach, James Krause. 

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