UFC to Have Fans for January Fight Island Events

Written by Noah Gagnon

Lets goooo. Finally, finally, finally, finally, finally fans will be back at UFC events. Doesn’t matter that its limited, doesn’t matter that it’s on fight island, doesn’t matter that I still can’t go, I just wanna hear applause after knockouts. And I finally will.

We should have seen this coming for a McGregor fight, right? Like could you ever imagine Conor McGregor fighting in a fanless venue? Never. The guy’s a performer. He thrives off of an audience, and probably would have been pretty depressed if he had to fight inside of a silent building.

Honestly, these fights are in Abu Dhabi, didn’t they already beat COVID? Like why worry about limited fans? Pack the damn house!! Abu Dhabi is so far ahead of America, they’ve probably all had the vaccine for month’s and are itching to catch a live event. I wanna see Fight Island wall to wall with fans! I want to hear screams!

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