A new episode of Scrappin’ is out, and this one could be our best yet. This time, I got to talk to the 12th ranked UFC featherweight in the world, Sodiq Yusuff, and he was awesome. The guy was upbeat and energetic the whole time, and he even told some hilarious stories. Check out the interview.

Personally, my favorite part of the interview was when we talked about the Olympics. I asked what Olympic sport he thinks he could’ve competed in, and he said powerwalking. Tremendous answer. A lot of guys would’ve taken the PC route and not said anything here, so I really respected that he gave a legit response. And honestly, with a few years of training I really think he could get at least a bronze.

Sodiq was hilarious for the whole interview. At the end, he told an awesome story about how somebody tried to kill him at a Pizza hut, and it could be the best story this show’s ever heard. I wont do it justice if I try to recap it here, so just listen to the last few minutes of the video, it’s a tremendous tale.

Amongst those moments, he also went into detail on growing up in Nigeria, battling COVID, and his potential return to the Octagon. I loved how he didn’t seem to hold anything back and was honest about everything. Stand-up guy and a great interview. Check it out!


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