UFC Fans Rejoice, Joe Rogan Returns From His Cave For UFC 268 Tonight

He’s baaaaaaaackkkkkkkkk, Joe Rogan is coming out of hibernation finally to return and commentate on UFC 268 tonight. I could not be happier I mean we have the big three on commentary tonight, the best PPV’s almost always have Rogan, Anik, and Comier on commentary and we have that treat tonight. We have missed Rogan at the past two PPV’s that he would have been great to be at especially the Ortega-Volkanoski fight but his fucking hunting trip was more important. Joe you silly bastard you missed commentating on one of the best fights we have seen in a while to hunt some fucking deer, the fight was good enough that only Rogan really missed out. I don’t know why he missed last week but we definitely could have used him on commentary. but we have the bald bloak for tonight. I predict great fights and here Joe Rogan and Jon Anik cum 15 times tonight.

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