UFC 270 For Dummies

It’s only January, but today very well might be one of the best sports days of the year. You’ve got like a million college basketball games (Rutgers already lost), NFL Playoffs, and to top it all off an absolutely unreal UFC card. If you’re spending your Saturday night at any sort of social function, chances are the fights are gonna be on, and you don’t wanna be that dweeb that has no idea what’s happening. Read this, and you won’t sound like a complete dork when you’re talking about the fights tonight.

This card has two main fights that you’re gonna want to learn about, and they happen to involve the biggest and smallest men in the UFC. In the co-main event, we’ve got Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo completing their trilogy for the flyweight title (125lbs.) And then in main event, Francis Ngannou is going for his first Heavyweight title against the undefeated Cyril Gane. This card is awesome.

Brandon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo

This is the third time these guys are gonna fight, and it’s by far the most highly anticipated of the three. They drew in the first fight in an absolute war, Moreno dominated the second, and tonight they’ll finally settle the rivalry. Moreno is an energetic, positve dude who loves legos, but Deiveson’s been doing everything in his power to get in his head, but it really doesn’t seem to be working.

Brandon is the UFC’s first-ever Mexican-born champion and has a real opportunity to vault himself into superstar star status, and for Figueiredo, it’s an absolute must-win. Figueredo has shocking power for a flyweight and is dangerous on the ground, but for whatever reason, it just seems like Moreno has his number. Brandon’s a slight favorite and definitely seems to have the momentum going into this one. If you wanna sound cool, just show people this picture of him playing with legos.

Francis Ngannou vs Cyril Gane

For fight fans, this is a fascinating match-up. I’ve been thinking about it all week. Both guys have completely opposite styles, but they’re both incredibly unique, and generally unstoppable. Francis is known for his size and power. He hits as hard as a Ford Fusion, and if he touches Gane, he’s going out. But, that’s no easy task.

Gane is undefeated and has dominated everyone he’s ever faced. He’s arguably the fastest heavyweight in UFC history, and moves with the speed and efficiency of a lightweight. If he’s able to use his movement and avoid the big shot early, he has a real chance to wear Ngannou down in the later rounds and win a decision. That’s really what this fight comes down to.

If you wanna sound smart tonight, just mention how this might be Francis’ last fight in the UFC because of his contract dispute, or how Gane has only been a professional fighter since 2018.

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