UFC 265 For Beginners

Written by Noah Gagnon

Another month, another UFC pay-per-view, and another ‘UFC for Beginners’ blog from the kid. Honestly, this series of blogs is probably my favorite to write, so make sure you read this, it’s educational as fuck. If you’re gonna be watching the fights tonight, maybe at a local dive bar or nightclub, you’re gonna wanna know what you’re watching so you can tell chicks about UFC. It gets them wet, TRUST ME. Oh, and speaking of dive bars, if you’re the bouncer at Leggets in Manasuan, New Jersey it would be really sick if you gave me my fake ID back. I’ll give you UFC picks in exchange. I digress, let’s talk about the fights.

What’s on the line tonight?

Tonight, the interim heavyweight title fis on the line between Derrick Lewis and Cyril Gane. First off, an interim title is a title given out to the number one contender when the actual champion is out with an injury, and the winner of the interim title will fight the real champion later this year. By the way, the actual heavyweight champ is this guy Francis Ngannou, you’d recognize him if you saw him, he’s the ginormous African dude who hits as hard as a Ford Focus.

Who is Derrick Lewis?

So, Derrick Lewis is a UFC veteran, and with 12 career knockouts (tied for the most in UFC history), he’s arguably the sports hardest puncher. If this guy hits you with a clean right hand, you’re going to sleep, doesn’t matter who you are. He’s doesn’t have the cleanest technique, his movement can be slow and stiff, and his ground game is virtually nonexistent, but he has legitimate GRENADES for hands. If he taps you on the chin, the fight’s over. It’s because of this that he has this knack for getting dominated for the majority of a fight, but somehow finding his opponent’s chin in the fight’s final moments, and earning a miraculous last-second KO. In perhaps his most notable performance, Derrick was getting dominated for 14/15 minutes of the fight, but in the final minute, with 11 seconds left, he completely nuked his opponent with a right hand, and stole the victory. That very well could happen tonight. Derrick’s also one of the funniest dudes in the UFC, check out his social media, and he’s fighting for the title in his home city of Houston. So, I’m not telling you to root for Derrick Lewis tonight, but you definitely should. Oh yeah, his nickname is Black Beast, and one time he said “my balls was hot” after a fight — just putting those awesome facts out there.

Who is Ciryl Gane?

Ciryl Gane is basically the polar opposite of Derrick Lewis. He’s only been in the UFC for 3 years and only has 9 fights in his entire career … he’s 9-0. So, it’s wildly impressive that the guy has worked his way up to a title fight after only 9 professional fights, but this is by far the biggest moment and biggest fight of his career. In terms of his fighting style, he’s once again Lewis’ polar opposite. Where Lewis is a flatfooted fighter who mainly relies on his deadly hands, Gane has a much deeper bag of tricks. The guy’s movement is arguably the best the heavyweight division has ever seen, as he has the speed of a lightweight which makes him incredibly hard to hit considering he’s typically fighting slower heavyweights. He also has a sick ground game, with a 100% Takedown Defense rate, and 2 career submissions in the UFC. Unlike Lewis, his hands aren’t as deadly as other heavyweights, as he’s only scored 2 knockdowns in 6 UFC fights, and didn’t earn a knockdown in either of his five-round fights. Basically, everything that Derrick Lewis is, Cyril Gane isn’t, and vice-a-versa.

What’s gonna happen tonight?

I don’t do fight predictions in these articles. You can check those out at @scrappinmma on TikTok, but, I will share some things that I’m 90% sure will happen in the fight. We know that Gane’s movement is lightyears better then Lewis. He’ll most likely make Derrick miss a whole lot tonight, and will hit him with strikes from angles that Lewis really can’t defend from due to the speed discrepancy. BUT, when you’re dealing with a guy like Lewis, he literally only needs one shot to land — Gane doesn’t have power like that. If Gane is gonna finish Lewis, it’s gonna take a major accumulation of strikes throughout the fight, but it really only takes one punch for Derrick Lewis to finish the fight. The main takeaway of this entire thing should be that no matter how badly it appears Derrick Lewis is losing, he’s never completely out of the fight because of the power he possesses in his hands. The essential question is: Can Cyril Gane avoid that big punch from Lewis for 25 minutes? If he can do that, he most likely wins, but if Derrick lands clean, Gane’s in trouble.

So, if anyone asks you a question about the fight tonight just repeat this article verbatim. Enjoy the bout tonight, whatever happens, it’s a heavyweight title fight. It’s gonna rule.

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