UCLA Fans Went Wild After They Clinched Their First Final Four Appearance Since 2008

Written by Will

UCLA went buck wild last night after beating the number one seed Michigan, advancing to the final four for the first time since 2008. UCLA is a proud basketball program, a program with the most national championships ever with 11. But it has been a while for the Bruins, UCLA won 10 titles in 12 years, from 1964 to 1975. The last title for UCLA came in 1995, that was the last time a west coast school won the championship.

The school did make three straight final fours from 2006-2008. Since then, UCLA has been an average program. UCLA was part of the first four this year and slated as an 11 seed. Only one school has ever made the Final Four when having to play in the first four. UCLA beat Michigan State and they haven’t looked back. UCLA beat number one seed Michigan last night and the school damn near burned down.

Of course, you can already see the comments coming. The Corona comments, the online Corona watchers. The worst people to be honest. Let these kids have fun, especially because they have to face Gonzaga next. That won’t be fun for the Bruins. I’m sure Gonzaga is still pissed from 2006.

So go ahead and celebrate Bruins fans. Hell of a run, but it won’t be pretty Saturday.

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