U.S. Men’s Soccer Picks Up a Huge World Cup Qualifying Victory 2-1 Over Costa Rica

Just when you thought the United States Men’s National Team was teasing at a non-qualification for a World Cup… think again. With their youngest lineup in team history, the USMNT picked up a crucial victory over Costa Rica last night, following a devastating 1-0 loss to Panama a few days prior. Desperate for 3 points Head Coach, Greg Berhalter made 10 changes to his Starting 11.

This victory was not at all pretty as in fact, Costa Rica scored in the first minute of the game and I was already preparing myself for a night of misery:

I mean what are we doing here. How do you not have Keysher Fuller marked within the first minute. Just absolutely inexcusable to start off this game and not what you need for a team looking to bounce back.

Thankfully, the United States have someone named Sergino Dest and holy fuck he scored an absolute stunner that electrified the crowd and switched the momentum with a snap of a finger.

Weak foot, top of the box, absolute firecracker. I stood up out of my seat with a roar and just like that I had a feeling they were going to win this game. Keylor Navas had no shot stopping that goal, even as a keeper with high class. It’s also worth noting that in the 2nd half Navas had to leave the game for Costa Rica with a foot injury. Navas is the bread & butter of this Costa Rica squad, so that gave the United States even more momentum.

That injury ended up costing Costa Rica as the backup keeper, Leonel Moreira, allowed an own goal in the 66th minute which ultimately sealed it for the United States:

To be fair, you can argue that maybe that was not an own goal. It was a pretty hard strike by Tim Weah, but nonetheless that is what they ruled it and Costa Rica will have to deal with that. The United States held on to get a crucial three points.

Also to note, Brian Ruiz on Costa Rica may be the slowest soccer player on the planet. Back in the 55th when it was tied 1-1, he had the biggest breakaway to not get a shot off I have ever seen. Like how did the entire defense of the United States catch up to this guy?

Anyway, the United States held on and a win is a win, even though they need to get their act together as a whole. I still don’t understand how they shit the bed every time qualifying comes around after dominating these teams in Gold Cup, or friendly matchups. Here’s a look at the current standings.

Top 3 qualify for the World Cup. 4th plays in an inter-continental playoff

Up next in the qualifying world is a date with arch rival, Mexico, November 11th at 9pm eastern. Get your popcorn ready… but not in the way that Lane Kiffin did before his Ole Miss football team played Alabama. That would not be ideal.

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