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U.P. High School Football Players Join in at #LetThemPlay Rally

Bitter rivals are usually fighting each other on the field in any type of sport for a win or a goal, but football players from two archrival Upper Peninsula high schools are uniting together for a protest to save their season.

As seen in posts from Jack Hall of RRN Sports, football players and parents from Powers North Central and Bark River-Harris (BR-H) schools in the Upper Peninsula each drove over six hours to gather at the #LetThemPlay rally this past Friday.

The rally was aimed as, not just to protest the decision to postpone the football season to Spring 2021, but to help support those affected the decision.

Photo Courtesy: Jack Hall

“Basically, we just wanted to show that we’re getting to the point in our lives where it’s not just about the game itself,” BR-H senior quarterback Nick Javurek explained in Hall’s article. “It’s about learning the life lessons along with it. Taking the sport away from us at this point, especially in our last year of high school? We just want to ensure that we either have a spring season, or give us our fall season back.”

North Central senior Carter Eichmeier agreed with Javurek, stating that he and his teammates want everyone to know what it meant for the players putting in work and training for a football season, only for it to be stopped (later postponed) in an instant.

“I thought it was important to go,” North Central senior Carter Eichmeier said. “This is my last year and it’s literally the only sport that I ever really went in depth with. Me and my teammates put in hours and hours and hours of off-season work, whether that be speed and agility, to lifting every week. We put in countless hours of effort, and to just be shut down, it’s really sucked because we put in a whole lot of effort for nothing.”

For the full story on players gathering at the rally, feel free to click on Jack’s name for the link.

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