In a Facebook post by WLUC TV6’s Kendall Bunch, an Upper Peninsula father and daughter were both recently seen on a taping of a famous game show.

Escanaba natives Melvin Marlett and his daughter, Meredith, both were on NBC’s ‘The Wall.’

How both of them got onto the show was a story by itself:

Just two years prior, Melvin went viral while working for FedEx for shoveling snow off a resident’s porch while delivering a package in Manistique.

Upon seeing the viral clip, one of the show’s co-executive producers then reached out to Melvin and asked to appear in an upcoming episode.

The Marletts came away winning $200,000 after signing a contract guaranteeing the money.

Meredith wanted to continue and risk for more money. However, she made the right decision on walking away with the $200,000 prize because if they did rip up the contract, they would come away with nothing on the very next turn.

“I wanted to go home with something,” Meredith said. “I wanted to give my dad something because the show was for him! I went on the show, I did all this stuff just so the world can see how awesome of a person he is.”

Melvin said that he couldn’t be any more happier but to experience the show and having his family there for it.

“I had the experience with my daughter, my youngest daughter, and my wife, and that was priceless,” Melvin said also via TV6. “That was unbelievable. In a lifetime you couldn’t give me that again.”

Their episode was aired on NBC back on November 19. If you want to view their full episode, click on the link here.

**Headline Photo Courtesy to WLUC TV6/Facebook**


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