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U.P. Episode of ‘Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted’ to Air Sunday

Written by Nate

A special episode of famous chef Gordon Ramsey’s show, ‘Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted,’ set in the Upper Peninsula will be airing Sunday, July 25.

Via an article by, the episode will feature the famous ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ chef going on a trip across the U.P. exploring different cultures and food recipes from select areas of the region.

Notable segments in the upcoming show will include chef Ramsey’s first taste of the U.P. pasty in the middle of nowhere with local chef James Rigato, and going on a woodcock hunt, as shown below in a Facebook post by user Heather Shaw.

The episode is set for 9 pm on the National Geographic Channel. It can also be shown on Disney+, where you can also watch the show’s first two seasons there.

**Photo Courtesy: Heather Shaw/Facebook**

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