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U.P Barn Destroyed, 3,000 Hens Dead after Deadly Fire At This Yooper Farm

Written by TrevStone

According to reports a major egg-providing farm for Baraga County is in need of help after a terrible fire destroyed majoirty of its operations over the weekend.

The barn that caught on fire, housed the hens at the Byler Family Farm in Pelkie.

After noticing the fire Saturday, in less than half an hour, the structure was completely in flames.

Firefighters from all over the area came to help rescue the farm the Pelkie, Baraga, and L’Anse fire departments all responded.

After four hours of fighting the fire, the barn was a total loss. Along with it, 3,000 hens died.

The farm estimates it will be six months before operations can get back to normal. The cost to rebuild the barn? Nearly $250,000.

“Our plans at this point is to hopefully rebuild,” said farm owner Daniel Byler. “It is going to take some time, and I’m not quite sure how long that is going to be.”

The cause of the fire is still unknown at this time, but it is believed to be electrical in nature.

If you want to help Byler Family Farm, donations can be sent to 16118 Pine Creek Rd, Pelkie, Michigan.

According to the Pelkie Fire Chief Dick Haagsma, crews were on scene for approximately four hours battling the fire and later returned for another two hours to watch for flare ups.

He also said that two barns and a semi-trailer were burned in the fire and are considered a total loss.

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