Tyron Woodley tried to bang Hector Lombard’s girlfriend

Written by Noah Gagnon

Welp, we’ve got a new UFC beef on our hands, and this one’s a fun one. A video came out today of a pretty heated confrontation between former UFC fighters Hector Lombard and Tyron Woodley, and it turns out it was all over some girl. Take a look at the video and Hector’s explanation.

It’s really tough to pick either side here, isn’t it? Hector doesn’t have much ground to stand on being that the woman in question was his second girlfriend, but I do have immense respect for how he owned up to it. Did you read that? He basically said, “yeah it was my second girlfriend, but what are ya gonna do, it happens.” I can totally see Hector being one of those dudes that just has three different families that don’t know about each other’s existence. Like, he’s got his main family and then two side families, but nobody knows which one is which. I always suspected my own father was one of those guys, but I’ll dig into that another day.

And you can’t really side with Woodley on this one because he’s also going behind his wife’s back (he later divorced his wife after cheating on her, so I guess it’s a habit). The dude had four kids and decided to chase Hector Lombard’s mistress, pretty scummy move, but it can be looked past. What can’t be looked past is how he went about it. He wanted to wrap her knee? What a nerd way of getting to spend time with a girl. At that point just go up to her and shoot your shot, nobody believes that you’re some sort of knee wrap specialist. It can’t be that complicated. How many ways can you even wrap a knee?

So yeah, be like me and shoot your shot like a man. I go to the gym every day, I see the same girls there every day, and I contemplate talking to them every day. Do I ever do it? Of course not! But I’m a bitch and Tyron’s the former welterweight champ, so he doesn’t get a pass. Maybe he can wrap my knee though.

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