Tyron Woodley has been training for Jake Paul rematch since October

Written by Noah Gagnon

Wow did I just breathe a sigh of relief. When T-Wood signed onto rematch Jake Paul later in the month, the short noticed had me pretty concerned that he would come in way out of shape. And considering Tyron’s history with gassing out, and Jake’s rampant PED usage, a conditioning disadvantage would certainly lead to a depressing Jake Paul knockout victory.

But, let us rejoice! If Tyron has actually been training since October, and let’s just take his word that he has been, Jake is in big, big trouble. Tyron is surrounded by geniuses in his camp, and there’s a 100% chance they’ve all arrived at the conclusion that if Woodley actually pulls the trigger and increases his volume there’s nothing Jake can do about it. He better sleep him.

Of course, there’s still a large part of me that believes Tyron signed onto a no-knockout clause in the contract, and if that’s the case for this fight I’m gonna spiral into a deeper depression than I’m already in. I wanna see Tyron Woodley use his massive, juice biceps to throw an overhand right that sends Jake Paul back to vine. So, hopefully he’s been training.

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